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Singing Week Miskolc, Hungary
20/06/2017 - 26/06/2017

Choir ateliers within the confines of Bartók Plus Operafestival Miskolc, Choir Atelier for Singers

Organisers: Miskolc Opera Festival Nonprofit Ltd., the Miskolc Chamber Choirs Foundation in cooperation with the Central Eastern European Centre of European Choral Association – Europa Cantat

Bartók Plus Opera Festival was founded at the turn of the millennium. In a few years, the Festival made Miskolc an important stronghold of the opera scene in Central and Eastern Europe. The event is renowed as the pre-eminent Bartók festival, which is also supported by Bartók's descendants and inheritors. Ever since the beginnings, the festival has invited world renown Hungarian artists as well as international opera stars and almost all the notable opera groups of Central Eastern Europe have already visited Miskolc. Over the theatrical performances, classical operas are placed at a new aspect, in which the open-air premises of Miskolc serve the scenery.

5-day long program. After the daily rehearsal, participants join in Zoltán Kodály's "Székely fonó" performed by the Hungarian State Opera on 23rd June 2017 (singing a certain chorus) and in the closing concert on 25th June 2017. The attendance of the programs of the Bartók Plus Operafestival is free of charge for the the participants. For proper choirs separate concerts is to be organised.


1st - "Famous Opera Choruses" conducted by Máté Szabó Sipos
2nd -"Zoltán Kodály and the works of the mediterranean choral music" conducted by Lorenzo Donati and Zoltán Sándor